Training sessions EU April - May 2018

Axyom is pleased to propose a training path of 5 sessions about European Union-grants management.

During these different sessions we will analyze together different topics, essential for a good and sound management and administration of your EU-projects.

Thanks to our long experience in EU-project management and the support given to our partners in the management of their EU-projects, Axyom experienced a lot of issues arising all along the project’s life cycle. Many difficulties in management can be easily avoided thanks to the right attitude and action at the correct time during the preparation and the management of a project. This is what we want to share with you in these serial of training sessions.

These sessions will be essentially practical, participative and based on real case studies as well as on the experience of the speakers and participants.

SESSION 1: How to optimize the co-financing of my EU-project?

Since the resources needed for the implementation of the Action of an EU-project are never entirely provided by EU, one always will have to deal with co-financing while managing an EU grant. Normally, the Special Conditions of the grant contract define the maximum grant amount that can never be exceeded, and a contribution to the eligible costs. This essential aspect of an EU grant must be considered correctly from the preparation of your project (before submission of your application) up to the final report.

After the training session, you will have all the cards to improve your co-financing strategy and the financing of your projects. We will develop together the setup of a sound co-financing management, including the question of avoiding double financing. And we will also address different practical shapes of productive co-financing, like the use of cross-financing, in-kind contributions, etc.

Date: Tuesday 24th of April 2018, from 9h30 to 12h30

SESSION 2: Negotiation with EU before and during my EU-project

At every stage of the project cycle there is possible flexibility and negotiating space with the EU on the implementation of the project, but also on the formalities and administrative obligations. During this session, participants will be informed on what can be discussed at what time and what is the best way to do so, in order to get the expected results. Before signing a grant contract with the EU, it’s important to make sure everything is included in the Special Conditions of the contract. During the implementation of the project, it’s essential to communicate timely and to be transparent with the EU representatives in charge of your project. Finally having a good relationship with your contracting authority, will allow a smoother finalization of the contract.

The session will be based on practical cases and examples coming from our practice. After the training session, the participants will be aware of their negotiation margin facing EU. Participants will also understand the key moments of negotiations to avoid uncomfortable situation with EU representatives.

Date: Thursday 3th of May from, 9h30 to 12h30

SESSION 3: Procurements and contracts compulsory during the implementation of the Action

If you need to conclude implementation contracts with contractors during the implementation of your EU-project, you must respect the contract-award rules and other obligations in terms of procurement. Not complying with procurement rules is a very frequent cause of ineligibility of expenses of an EU-grant. During the session we will analyse the different actors involved in the implementation of the project, identify the situations where a tender procedure is necessary and browse together the different rules and obligations (Annex IV of the grant contract, PRAG, etc.). We will also see how to organize practically the preparation and the follow-up of the tender processes, in order to avoid ineligibility without excessive workload. 

After the training session, the participants will be able to anticipate and plan correctly the needed procurement processes throughout the project’s lifetime. The participant will be capable to ensure smooth and effective procurement process avoiding bad surprises during interim and final audits.

Date: Tuesday 8th of May from, 9h30 to 12h30

SESSION 4: Relationship with partners within my EU-project

For the implementation of the Action provided in your action grant, you often will work with partners. These partners can have different roles and statuses. During the session we will analyze the different types of partners and shapes of partnerships and overview their specificities, their advantages and the related obligations. For a good management of the project and to avoid any problem, it’s essential to formalize properly your partnerships. We will work on examples of consortium agreement and subgrantees agreements and analyze the essential terms to include.

After the training session, the participants will have practical tools to optimize their partnership relations. Next project proposal will be prepared accordingly, using the right status for the right partner. Participants will be provided with various samples of partnership agreements.

Date: Tuesday 15th of May from, 9h30 to 12h30

SESSION 5: The Budgeting process

A 2 days-session is necessary to optimize the budget of the project and make sure one don’t forget any cost. After a more general approach of the setup of a budget, we will convert it to the EU-format and examine together all the specificities of a sound and efficient budget. A list of specific activities and their hidden costs will be released and explained. The methodology of budgeting effectively will be addressed together including a correct allocation of administrative, operational, support and other direct and indirect costs. The participant will be able to ensure correct budget considering every hidden cost easily forgotten. The training will also overview the possibilities to modify/amend the budget of your EU-project.

After the training session, the participants will be provided with a user-friendly budgeting tool, directly applicable to their future EU grants (and other donors after slights adjustments).

Date: Thursday 24 and Friday 25th of May 2018, from 9h30 to 16h30.

Practical information

Speakers: Olivier Kroemmer, Arnaud de Viron and Charlotte van der Haert, Axyom’s consultants. Independent EU beneficiaries & other relevant actors will be invited to share their practical experiences. 

Who should attend these training sessions?

The training session are suitable for project managers, financial managers and directors of non-profit organisations, who are managing or want to manage EU-grants. The sessions also could suit for implementing partners. Some of the sessions (like this on co-financing) will also interest fundraisers.

Trainings are all based on EU regulations for purpose of consistency. However, basics of these trainings, principles and methodologies are generally applicable with most of institutional donors.

In which language will the sessions be conducted?

All sessions will be in English.

Where will the sessions take place?

C/O Entraide & Fraternité – Vivre ensemble

32 Rue du Gouvernement Provisoire

1000 Bruxelles

How can I register?

Please confirm your participation by mail at: before 13th of April 2018, providing organization name, participant name(s), first names, e-mail(s) and phone, the session(s) you want to register for, and the billing information of your organization. Upon receipt of your registration, we will send you an invitation to pay the fees. Registration will not be definitive until the payment received.

Be careful, the number of participants to every session is limited to 20. 

What are the participation costs?

150 € per person per session (half day session including coffee break, sandwich lunch and USB stick with deliverables) – for sessions 1 – 2 – 3.

250 € per person for session 4 (half day session including coffee break, sandwich lunch, USB stick with deliverables and various samples of partnership agreement ready to adapt).

500 € per person for session 5 (2 full days session including coffee break, sandwich lunch, USB stick with deliverables and a user-friendly budgeting tool ready to use for your projects).

Need more information?

Please contact Charlotte van der Haert, 0476 28 23 65,, Axyom sc sprl, Avenue de Tervuren 81, 1040 Bruxelles