Support in financial management


Beyond financial management, we boost your organisation

In addition to guaranteeing the eligibility of expenses with respect to donors, Axyom's consulting office attaches great importance to strengthening your financial management capacities.

We are convinced that financial management contributes significantly to the achievement of ambitions and results... In short, that it contributes to the sustainable success of each intervention.

Support tailored to your needs

In order to offer you the best in terms of auditing, we collaborate with renowned international firms, as well as with local firms accredited and/or recognised by donors.

What types of support in financial management are offered by Axyom ?

To help you with the financial management of your organisation, Axyom experts offer you a wide range of services. For example :

Depending on your needs, all of these support services can be provided at the level of organisations, projects or programmes.

Do you have any questions ? Would you like to know more about the solutions that Axyom can provide to your organisation ? Would you like to obtain specific references for a particular type of service ? Please contact us by email  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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