Coaching in project and program management methodology


A complete methodology to help you manage your projects

Axyom provides support at all levels of the project cycle, from programming to final evaluation.

Thanks to our methodology, we can support your organisation in the identification and formulation of projects, the search for funding, the development of monitoring and evaluation systems, etc.

We also carry out monitoring, follow-up and evaluation. If you wish, we can organise "open" or "tailor-made" training sessions  on current project/programme management methodologies (results-based management, change-oriented approaches, outcome mapping, performance indicators, risk management, etc.).

Objectives of our methodology

Through its project/programme management methodology, Axyom meets several objectives:

  • To ensure increased chances of obtaining funding through the elaboration of adapted project/programme proposals
  • To ensure good management through the development of relevant,realistic and coherent projects/programmes as well as through quality implementation and monitoring.
  •  To master the evaluation process of interventions from the point of view of both organisations and evaluators.

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