Diagnosis, audit and internal checks


Axyom offers you an organisational diagnosis

To carry out effective actions and strengthen your management in the long term, it is recommended that you first take a « snapshot » of your organisation, at project or programme level. Axyom, offers you three solutions to achieve this:

  1.  An institutional and functional diagnosis : this includes both the rules of good governance, the functioning of statutory and management bodies and the procedures and management tools to be used on a daily basis.
  2. A financial diagnosis, known as an audit or financial control : this involves taking stock of the financial management of your organisation, projects or programmes, from budgeting to the eligibility of expenditure, in particular with regard to donors.
  3.  An internal checks : this involves verifying compliance with the management procedures in place and the proper use of management tools.

An external audit adapted to your needs

To offer you the best in terms of auditing, we collaborate with renowned international firms, as well as with local firms accredited and/or recognised by the funding authorities..

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