A consulting firm that meets the needs of NGOs

It all began in April 2009, when Olivier Kroemmer and Bernard Van den Abeele decided to found the Axyom consulting office in Brussels (Belgium). Both had been active in the NGO sector for many years and realised that there was a growing need to improve the management of development aid organisations. Indeed, as soon as Axyom was created, numerous requests from Belgian NGOs came pouring in.

Various solutions were developed to provide the best possible service :

  • Support for accounting management ;

  • Support the obtaining or renewing of accreditation by the Ministry of Development Cooperation (DGD) ;

  • Support for the implementation of administrative and financial procedures ;

  • Support for strategic planning ;

  • Support for fundraising ;

Decentralisation in the South for greater efficiency

Very quickly, the partner NGOs informed Axyom of their needs at local level, with their coordinators and partners in the South. In order to respond to these new demands, Axyom ensured a permanent or regular presence, mainly in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa, through collaboration with local consulting offices and/or independent consultants.

Axyom is constantly offering more extensive and diversified solutions

Since its creation, Axyom has diversified its field of action to meet the demands of its partner organisations. Our consulting firm operates in various areas such as strategic, financial, accounting, administrative, logistics, human resources, project and programme management.

Over the years, the target audience has also expanded. Alongside Belgian NGOs, we now also work with NGOs from other countries, donors, implementation agencies and research offices. We also specialise in EU funding procedures, supporting applications for grants as well as the management of EU projects, in every way.

A team of experts

In an effort to always offer quality services and respond to all your requests, Axyom is constantly strengthening its permanent team and its network of consultants, both in Belgium and in Africa. This puts us in a position that allows us to meet the expectations of our partners even better.

Do you have a question ? Would you like to know more about the solutions that Axyom can provide to your organisation ? Would you like to obtain specific references for a particular type of service ? Please contact us by email info@axyom.org.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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